Knoxville’s Resource for Healthy Living

We are Stan & Kathy Wolcott and as a residents of Knoxville and total plant based vegetarians, we’ve put together this site as a guide to finding good plant based food sources and events here in East Tennessee and Knoxville specifically.

There are numerous events planned for 2014 and 2015 but sometimes it’s difficult to know just what’s available. So if you’re a new vegetarian or vegan, new to Knoxville, or just interested in following a plant based diet, this site will benefit you.



EVENTS for 2016 - We keep in touch with with various clubs, associations and organizations throughout East Tennessee to keep you informed of what’s available throughout the area.


VEGGIE FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS - We are attempting to contact numerous restaurants here in the Knoxville area to compile a list of restaurants that actually plant based options. We have found that some restaurants, while claiming to offer vegetarian options actually use a “chicken broth” or “beef broth” as a flavoring agent. Use this link to find restaurants using genuine plant based ingredients as listed on the menu.

MARKETS - Thankfully we have many market options here in Knoxville although it’s helpful to know where to purchase certain plant based products; however markets continually change, add or remove products so it’s not likely that we can keep up with all the changes all the time, but we can give you general trends.

RECIPES - There are numerous web sites providing just about anything you want when it comes to vegetarian/vegan/plant based recipes, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy. The links we provide have been selected not only because of the variety of foods and tastes but also because they use minimal amounts of sugar and oil and generally configured for a healthy lifestyle.

STAN & KATHY  WESTERN TRIP - Knoxville to Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California and back to Knoxville, TN.